Meet Mike Trainer Biography Mike Arthurs was educated in Maths & Computing at the University of Glamorgan. After spending his early years in companies such as Marconi, Royal Aerospace Establishment and Pirelli, he became an IT contractor - working in financial and central government sectors. He set up Edeva in 1999 to provide IT problem solving for SMEs in the South West.  He is a true "problem solver" on a day to day basis - being ultimately responsible for ensuring the operation of over 25 client sites. Mike's speciality is in delivering bespoke training on IT and problem solving to non- IT specialists. He is married, with 2 children, a dog and a multitude of monster Koi Carp.  Mike enjoys gardening and growing edible produce (which the dog, a Labrador, also enjoys!)   What clients say about Mike? "It is great to have a trainer who actually works in the real world."  "Someone who talks in language I can understand."  
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